Building your Verge Experience

Life is too short not to feel great! We have a class for your body, your age and your experience level.
Let us help you build Your Verge Experience!

I’m new to yoga. Where do I begin?

Our Brand New Beginner (BNB) Program is the best place to start! Offered as a 4-class series or a 2-hour workshop. Beginners can also try our Prime or Stability classes any time.

How often should I practice?

Practice 3+ times per week to de-stress, heal and strengthen your body. Commit to a consistent practice and you will feel physically and mentally better. Life is too short not to feel great!

I need to reduce stress

We all need to relax and de-stress and our yoga classes are a perfect remedy. Each class is an opportunity to breathe deeply and settle your mind.

I want to feel better and be free of pain.

You will feel better after your first yoga class. Many of our students have dramatically changed their bodies and improved their health with a regular yoga practice at Verge.

Are your yoga studios heated?

Our Flow and Stability classes are gently heated to 90 degrees. This temperature will make your body more pliable and allow you to work up a healthy, detoxifying sweat.

I prefer a slow moving class.

You will love our non-heated, slow moving Prime class which allows you time to explore your poses and settle your mind. Also try our Stability classes as a slow moving option.

I need to learn to focus more.

Our mindfulness based Verge Yoga classes will help you to “Find your Focus”. You will learn to stabilize and steady your mind by moving your body. We’ve helped athletes, professionals and moms increase their efficiency and effectiveness in their lives.

What if I’m not flexible?

Not to worry! Yoga is just as much about strength and balance as flexibility. Our Prime and Stability classes are ideal for students who feel stiff or inflexible.

Are there benefits for athletes?

Our Yoga classes greatly benefit both the elite athlete and the weekend warrior by building strength, stability and flexibility in every area of the body. Balanced Athlete® is a revolutionary approach to teaching movement, developing fitness, and getting into the best shape of your life!

Can yoga help me recover from injury?

Yes. The poses offered in Prime and Stability classes are simple and designed to help re-align your body by building strength and stability around joints and spine. Classes are safe and recommended by many physicians and physical therapists.

I am interested in building strength.

All of our classes will help you get stronger from head to toe. Our Balanced Athlete® classes are must for anyone wanting to build strength and conditioning.

Are there men in your classes?

YES! Try our Prime, Stability and Balanced Athlete® classes. They are filled with guys! These classes are very “do-able” for the typical male that has more strength than flexibility.